Irfana Anwer, Pro Bono Managing Attorney

Ivan Azcarate, Intake Specialist/Office Manager

Laurie Ball Cooper, Legal Director

Cecilia Baxter, Staff Attorney

Deepa Bijpuria, Immigration Managing Attorney, Maryland

Gaby Brito, Immigration Staff Attorney

Shanti Martin Brown, Immigration Supervising Attorney, D.C.

Becca Brunty, Law Clerk

Linda Campos, Senior Paralegal

Guisela Castillo, Domestic Violence/Family Law Paralegal

Tamara Castro Marquez, Immigration Staff Attorney

Mary Caulfield, Senior Paralegal

Giancarla Cazzol, Legal Assistant

Cheryl Chado, Managing Attorney, Domestic Violence/Family Law Staff Attorney

Wendy DiazSijs & Family Law Staff Attorney

Josh Doherty, Managing Attorney, DC Immigration

Ryan Durazo, Immigration Staff Attorney

Katie Flannery, Senior Staff Attorney

Dana Florkowski, Immigration Staff Attorney

Solangel Gonzalez, Immigration Supervising Attorney, D.C.

Isabel Gómez, Staff Attorney

Kelly Hii, Immigration Supervising Attorney, Maryland

Ambar Martin, Legal Assistant

Monica Martinez, Domestic Violence/Family Law Staff Attorney

Tamara Marquez, Immigration Staff Attorney

Victoria Maqueda, Immigration Managing Attorney, VA 

Iovanna Membreno, Intake Specialist/Office Manager MD

Annika Meurs, Legal Assistant

Maribel Nava, Legal Assistant

Sandra Negron, Domestic Violence/Family Law Staff Attorney

Colleen Normile, Supervising Attorney, Project END

Corie O’Rourke, Immigration Supervising Attorney, Virginia

Beatriz Ortiz-López, Immigration Staff Attorney

Bianca Palma, Paralegal

Grace PereiraSoruco, Legal Assistant

Dominique Perez-Sangimino, Gallogly Fellow

Julia Rigal, Staff Attorney/EJA Fellow

Michelle Romero, Legal Assistant

Helen Sanchez, Intake Specialist/Office Manager DC

Isabella Sansanelli, Legal Assistant

Kathryn Serrano, Domestic Violence/Family Law Paralegal

Grace Pereira Soruco, Domestic Violence/Family Law Paralegal

Carina Villagra, Immigration Staff Attorney

Michelle Villegas, Children’s/Family Law Clerk

Lauren Wert, Immigration Staff Attorney



Paula Fitzgerald, Executive Director

Rossana Molina, Senior Accountant

Berta Najera, Operations Associate

Rose Spero, Director of Operations

Elsy Vasquez, Senior Accountant


Jennifer Argueta, Case Manager

Diana Fula, Case Manager

Karina Garcia, Therapist (Billingual)

Monica Maldonado, Case Manager

Roberto Martinez, Senior Therapist (Billingual)

Fatima Monastiriotis, Supervising Case Manager

Isabella Najera, Therapist (Billingual)

Ana Cristina Plaza, Social Services Director

Kirstie Sippola, Senior Case Manager

Ana Teo-Salvador, Case Manager

Maria Andreina Vethencourt, Supervising Case Manager



Kendra Carson, Language Access Coordinator

Arlene Galvan, Language Access Coordinator

Rebekah Grafton, Language Access Coordinator

Paige Jordan, Language Access Manager

Egbert Ospina, Language Access Coordinator

Marilyn Lovo, Language Access Manager

David Steib, Language Access Director

General Inquiries – [email protected]


Nikita Beenunula, Development & Communications Coordinator

Laura Trask, Director of Development & Communications




Sarah Schubert, Grants Coordinator

Kiara Tarafa, Grants Writer

Jessica Trease, Grants Director

April Yu, Grants Specialist

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