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At Ayuda, we work to make sure that everyone can get help when they need it, regardless of the languages that they use to communicate.

We partner with and work for a wide array of clients, non-profit organizations, legal and social professionals, and more. Use one of the links below to learn about our language access services, our partnerships, and our opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Ayuda is grateful to have received a Community Partnership Grant from Prince George’s County to ensure that limited English proficient and Deaf county residents have equal access to legal services.


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Below you will find a few of our training resources as well as a recorded webinar about how to use Salesforce. If you are interested in learning more about language access as a form of overall justice along with tips to create more language-just spaces, feel free to check out this resource by Antena.


If you are interested in gaining more experience and training on interpretation, visit this page to learn more about our March 2023 “Breaking Silence” Training.


We will be adding more resources very soon – check back in a few weeks for more!

How to Access the Services of Our Interpreter Bank

Our Interpreter Trainings

Breaking Silence Training

Breaking Silence is a four-day to five-day training program for interpreters that was created for the Emergency and Victim Services Bank. The manual helps prepare professional interpreters for victim services interpreting.

Breaking Silence Workbook

A workbook filled with different scenarios and exercises with the intentions of providing skills, knowledge and practice to the interpreter.

Victim Services Terminology

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