LEP & Deaf Clients

Some immigrants find that they suffer from linguistic isolation once here in the United States. They may feel unwelcome or unable to access necessary services due to the language barrier. 

Ayuda’s Language Access Program provides free professional interpretation and document translation services to approximately 100 nonprofits and law firms in the DC Metropolitan area. 

Our program is a national leader in language access and language justice; we have developed unique trainings to prepare interpreters to work in legal and victim services.

 Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing clients may also suffer from linguistic isolation and the inability to receive necessary services in ASL. 

With our Language Access Program, we are able to provide top-notch service with legal & trauma-informed ASL interpreters. We also offer ASL & CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreters) interpretation which proves extremely helpful in numerous situations, particularly in those involving children and/or trauma.

 Ayuda’s Language Access Program trains interpreters to work in legal and victim services to ensure that our clients receive excellent interpretation services. The work of our program also ensures that Limited-English Proficient & Deaf clients can have equal access & support with housing assistance, public benefits, consumer issues, protection orders, family law, counselors, therapists, social workers, and much more.