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Volunteering at Ayuda

Our work at Ayuda would not be possible without the generous contributions of our volunteers!

Whether at our offices or public engagements, through our ongoing programs or one-time events, and across all the various types of opportunities we offer, our volunteers allow us to expand the scale and scope of the assistance we can provide to the immigrant community of the DMV.

In 2021, Ayuda welcomed almost 10,000 hours of volunteering from our supporters, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to surpass that number this year through your participation. We encourage you to check out the numerous ways you can support our work below and sign up to get involved with us today!

Volunteer Opportunties

Social Services In-Office

We offer significant programming and aid for our clients that takes place right at our offices of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. From grocery bag packaging at our food pantry to inventorying and organizing our diaper bank to assisting the various support groups we offer, there are numerous ways to help our clients at all three of our offices.

Social Services Out of Office

We serve our clients and the larger immigrant population directly through various public engagements. From health kit distributions to public transportation trainings, we offer plenty of opportunities to help support the assistance we provide within our own DMV-community.

Community Outreach

We seek to further amplify our voice, keep our society informed, and develop impactful partnerships with like-minded community-based organizations. Through opportunities like Ayuda event support, advocacy trainings, and community outreach to potential partners, we are always welcoming individuals to help us expand the reach of our work

Administrative Assistance

We provide a variety of different ways for individuals to support our work behind the scenes. From file organization and management to data entry to translation services, there are frequent opportunities to join us at our offices and assist our staff.

Fundraising Support

We welcome support beyond a one-time or recurring donation by mobilizing your whole community! By aiding our work through a personally customized crowdfunding campaign or leading a donation drive for one of our seasonal campaigns, our volunteer coordinator is happy to help you help us!

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Ayuda’s mission is to advocate for low-income immigrants through direct legal, social and language services, training and outreach in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. We envision a community where all immigrants succeed and thrive in the United States. 

Current Opportunities

Food Pantry Support

Diaper Bank Support

Hygiene Kit Packaging + Distributing

Volunteer of the Month

Carmen Juarez

Carmen Juarez

August 2022 Volunteer of the Month


Carmen is this month’s volunteer of the month. She Assisted with July food delivery, grocery bag packaging, and two hygiene kit packaging and distribution events.

Why does Carmen volunteer?

“During dark times when immigrants are being flagged as criminals, we must remember that we are all humans with the same fears and desires regardless of our nationality or immigration status.”

Ayuda's Response to Busing of Migrants

Since April 2022, Ayuda has been working to help coordinate the humanitarian response as the governors of Texas and Arizona continue to send thousands of migrants on buses to Washington, D.C.

We are providing culturally and linguistically specific legal, social and language access services to newly arriving migrants. These services include case management and intake support, interpretation, as well as the provision of food, clothing, hygiene kits, prepaid cell phones, medical supplies, and paid shelter.

Our legal team is providing individualized legal orientations for migrants explaining the immigration system and helping them be aware of their rights and responsibilities.  

“Immigrants are first and foremost, human beings. They deserve respect and compassion, and Ayuda will continue to do what we do best – provide holistic support to those in need in our communities.” - Paula Fitzgerald, Executive Director

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