This month’s pro bono highlight recognizes Eric Rome, who has given his time and talent to Ayuda’s Pro Bono Program since 2017, accepting pro bono cases for full representation.
Eric has extensive experience in the world of housing law and has served on the Board of Directors of Housing Counseling Services for over 25 years. His law firm, Eisen & Rome, just celebrated 30 years of practice! Despite being busy with his own practice, Eric reached out to Ayuda when he saw the need for pro bono attorneys to work on immigration matters.


“I meet many immigrants in my housing practice. Without exception, their status notwithstanding, they are people who contribute in a positive way to the diversity that I cherish in DC. Likewise, my wife teaches adults who wish to become proficient in English as their second language, people who wish to better their lives and that of their families by augmenting their ability to make positive contributions to the communities where they live and work. When Trump assumed office and immediately began his attacks on this community, I could not sit idly by while vulnerable people were vilified and victimized by those in power. Providing pro bono representation thru Ayuda has enabled me be part of the resistance on a small, but most basic and human level.”


Eric assisted his first client in applying for a T-Visa, which is available to victims of human trafficking, including labor trafficking. Eric’s client is thriving today. A young man now, his determination and resilience are evident to everyone who meets him. Ayuda was able to offer Eric’s client a myriad of services that started with a single email to the Pro Bono Program.


At Ayuda, we depend on our pro bono network to make this possible. Thank you Eric, for your commitment to your clients and to Ayuda.