Ayuda’s supporters have generously supported us over the years through the AmazonSmile program. As you may know, this tool allows you to donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchase to a charitable organization of their choice – a fraction that adds up to big impact for nonprofits like Ayuda.

Unfortunately, we were sad to learn that AmazonSmile will end on February 20, 2023.

AmazonSmile has given you, our community, everyday chances to transform immigrant lives…while you order groceries, browse for your Valentine’s special gift, or pick up the latest materials needed for your child’s school project. We are beyond grateful that so many of you chose to benefit Ayuda’s mission in these ordinary yet special moments.

The end of AmazonSmile creates a gap that we need your help to fill, particularly as we expand our support for recently arrived migrants, prepare to launch our advocacy program, and continuing evolving to best serve our immigrant communities. Fortunately, there’s an alternative regular commitment that our supporters can make to help us continue this growth.

Join our Partners in Hope, who contribute anywhere from $10 to $250 to Ayuda’s work each month. These consistent gifts help us build the dependable, sustainable funding that we need to expand our impact. As a Partner in Hope, you’ll stand with Ayuda in a deeper way and help us ensure that our immigrant neighbors can access high-quality legal, social, and language services.

Thank you, again, for supporting Ayuda on AmazonSmile. Though the program is ending, we remain invigorated by the unyielding support of Ayuda’s community.