Laura Trask 
Director of Development & Communications 
[email protected]  

Washington, D.C. (June 5, 2024) – Today, the Biden Administration’s Executive Order to Secure the Border went into effect, closing the U.S. southern border to those seeking safety. Announced yesterday, the executive action allows the Administration to shut off access to asylum when border crossings exceed an average daily threshold of 2,500.  

“This order is reminiscent of Trump Administration policies that were struck down as unlawful, like the Muslim Ban and Title 42,” said Ayuda’s Advocacy Manger, Sandra Benavente. “It will deny people with viable asylum claims the right to seek safety at our border and follows the May announcement of proposed regulations that would further restrict access to asylum.” 

Ayuda strongly opposes these restrictions, as they will have immediate, dangerous consequences for immigrants. The restrictions constitute yet another attack on low-income immigrants attempting to follow our immigration laws and run counter to President Bident’s campaign promises of a more humanitarian immigration system.  

Ayuda, guided by our mission, stands in solidarity with immigrants seeking safety and calls for improvements to the transparency, efficiency, and fairness of the current asylum system – not more unnecessary barriers. Policies that ban access to asylum are unlawful and counterproductive.  

Instead of directing taxpayer funds to ineffective policies, the Biden administration and Congress must fund state and local governments, nonprofits, and community organizations that support people as they navigate their asylum cases both at the border and in communities nationwide. 


About Ayuda:  
Ayuda provides direct legal, social, and language access services to low-income immigrants in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Since 1973, Ayuda has served more than 150,000 immigrants throughout the region. Ayuda is the only nonprofit service provider in the area that provides a wide range of immigration and family law assistance, social services, and language access support for all immigrants – including women, men, and children – from anywhere in the world. Visit to learn more.