As one of Ayuda’s Volunteers, Ruth’s job is to digitize files from closed domestic violence family law cases. She has been a great part of our team and this ongoing project since the fall of 2018.

Often times, in an organization like Ayuda, a significant amount of paperwork is involved, especially for the lawyers who are working tirelessly on these cases. Ruth understands the time commitment required when it comes to paperwork, and does a great job with assisting us with this project.

The purpose of this project is to create electronic copies of our casework, so that it is always and easily accessible for our staff and clients. This helps Ayuda stay up to date and avoid the risk of losing our files in case of a mistake or accident.

Being the daughter of an immigrant, having worked many years with the community as an ESL teacher, Ruth has a gained a deep understanding and connection to the immigrant experience. She has had the opportunity to serve adults in various settings, currently teaches writing and is an adjunct at Carlos Rosario School, assessing students for language and career classes.

Ruth knows the struggles immigrants face are serious ones. Through her personal experiences, she realizes the important role an organization, like Ayuda, plays in providing the necessary tools immigrants need when living in this country. Immigrants are constantly living in fear and face many obstacles throughout their daily lives.  Ruth has known about Ayuda’s work since it first began in the mid 70’s.

Through volunteering for over a year with us, Ruth has come to see the huge impact Ayuda has in rebuilding the lives of immigrants. She recognizes the importance of community engagement in regards to social causes, including immigrants’ rights, acknowledging our efforts in creating social change.

Whether it is through tutoring or scanning case files, Ruth finds ways to continue supporting her immigrant neighbors. Her work and inspiration for volunteering means everything to Ayuda’s members and the pro bono lawyers. Thanks to Ruth’s work, Ayuda is able to maintain permanent records of previous cases, which is essential in this technologically advanced era.  

Thank you to Ruth, for your dedication to supporting Ayuda. It’s through volunteers, like Ruth, that Ayuda depends on greatly to fulfill its mission to support low-income immigrants in D.C., Virginia and Maryland. To all our volunteers who dedicate their time, you are SO appreciated. Thank you!