Sabah is a young Middle Eastern woman who came to Ayuda seeking legal representation for a civil protection order against her ex-boyfriend, Tim. Sabah and Tim had been a relationship for two years.

During their entire relationship, Tim was verbally, physically, and sexually abusive to Sabah, who was already struggling with her own mental health issues.

During a recent incident, Tim forced Sabah to have sexual relations with him against her will. When Sabah told Tim that their relationship was over, he assaulted her, punching her head, stomach, and arms. Sabah called the police and Tim fled the scene.

A few weeks later, Tim called Sabah twenty times and show up to her apartment drunk. He threatened her that if she did not pay him money she allegedly owed him, he would send someone to kill her. Sabah asked Tim to leave but Tim refused. Fearing that he could hurt her again, Sabah called the police. Tim was advised to leave.

Sabah then left on vacation for a few weeks. When she returned, Tim was waiting for her in her apartment. Sabah realized that Tim must have taken her spare keys before she had left. She was so afraid he would hurt her if she asked him to leave so she locked herself in her room and waiting for him to leave.

Sabah found the assistance she needed at Ayuda. The Ayuda attorney met with her and explained the process of obtaining a civil protection order (“CPO”) to her. Sabah’s Ayuda attorney extensively prepared for Sabah’s CPO trial.

Her Ayuda attorney amended Sabah’s CPO twice so that it was consistent with the incidents of abuse and the relief she was requesting. Her attorney subpoenaed witnesses, body worn camera footage from the responding police officers, 911 calls to the police.

After trial, the judge granted Sabah’s CPO, providing that Tim not threaten, stalk, harass, or assault Sabah; Tim to stay away from Sabah; Tim not communicate with Sabah; and Tim be tested to see if he had an alcohol problem.

Sabah is overjoyed with the support she received at Ayuda. Because of Ayuda’s expert legal team, specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault, Sabah was able to get the legal remedies she so desperately needed.

YOU can help save and rebuild the lives of our immigrant neighbors, like Sabah. Give the gift of hope and safety today. Help Ayuda support more survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in 2020.