Diana* met Aiden* in her home country, located in Southeast Asia. At the time he was living in the U.S. and encouraged Diana to join him, promising to support her. They were soon married and moving to America. Diana secured a student visa, enrolled in school, and arrived in the country ready to build a brighter future. 

Unfortunately, shortly after her arrival, Aiden began abusing Diana. She was able to secure her safety with a protection order but was struggling under Aiden’s broken promise to support her financially. Diana turned to Ayuda’s Domestic Violence and Family Law (DVFL) team, where she found an attorney to represent her in seeking divorce and alimony. 

Diana and her attorney worried that securing alimony would be a challenge, given the short length of time she and Aiden had been married. But working together, they demonstrated that Aiden had abused her and abandoned her in court. Diana was awarded an absolute divorce and $600/month in alimony to support herself until her work permit is processed. 

*Names and photo have been changed to protect our client’s identity.