Emmanuel* first entered the U.S. over a decade ago with one simple mission: to donate a kidney to his brother. He departed his home country of Liberia with a B-2 Visa in hand for medical treatment purposes.  

The donation was a success, but his ongoing medical needs following surgery prevented his return to Liberia. After ten years in and out of legal residency, Emmanuel came to Ayuda in search of a solution.  

Our dedicated attorneys went to work, discovering that the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness program could provide Emmanuel a pathway to legal permanent residency.  

The legal road was tough. On top of long processing times, changes in medical exam requirements went unnoticed by Emmanuel’s USCIS-authorized civil surgeon. Ayuda’s lawyer intervened to ensure the doctor corrected Emmanuel’s medical exam.  

With the support of our team, Emmanuel regained his work permit and finally secured permanent residency. Best of all, he’s immediately eligible to apply for citizenship! 

*Name and photo changed to protect our clients’ privacy.