Julissa* is a South American woman who came to Ayuda seeking legal representation in obtaining a civil protection order against her husband and father of her child.

Julissa and Robert were in a relationship for five years and lived together with their then 4-year old son, Juan Carlos. Throughout their relationship, Robert was regularly jealous, possessive, and abusive to Julissa.

Even while Julissa was pregnant with their son, Robert would physically and sexually abuse her. After their child was born, Robert would call Julissa names and continued to physically and sexually assault her, even in front of their child. 

It took years for Julissa to come forward and ask for help because Robert would monitor her finances and she feared homeless, especially amid a pandemic.

Ayuda was able to help Julissa get the support she needed. In addition to supporting Julissa in obtaining immediate protections against her abuser, advocating for her abuser to be held accountable in the criminal justice system, securing sole legal and physical custody of her son, and securing affordable, safe housing, Ayuda was also able to help Julissa secure her immigration status.

* Names have been changed to protect client identity.