Human Trafficking

Of more than 18,000 human trafficking cases reported and under investigation in the United States, nearly 400 of those cases involve victims in the Washington, DC metropolitan area—most are women and girls induced into commercial sex or servitude through force, fraud, or coercion.

Domestic Violence

Throughout the world, one in three women are victims of gender-based violence. This abuse results in physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering.


Because of complex U.S. immigration laws, language barriers, cultural preferences and traditions, and the high cost of engaging a private legal practice, immigrants favor working with Ayuda attorneys to help them access and navigate the U.S. justice system.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a violent crime that results in physical, mental and/or emotional harm to a victim. Immigrant victims also have to face legal, economic, and social pressures as well as privacy and confidentiality concerns that are made worse by their status as non-citizens, limited English proficiency, and potentially cultural consequences of disclosing sexual violence victimization.

Notario Fraud

Many immigration consultants in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who call themselves <em>notario </em>or <em>notario público</em> have defrauded area immigrants by posing as a U.S. attorney when they are not. <em>Notarios</em> are not licensed to provide immigration legal advice or legal services.

Language Isolation

Among the key obstacles immigrants face in bettering their lives is their lack of proficiency in English. Immigrants and their children face major challenges in accessing education, information, training, public benefits, medical support, and the legal system.