Serve as Pro Bono Professional

Serve as Pro Bono Professional

Ayuda seeks attorneys, social workers, and medical professionals wishing to accept cases on a pro bono basis.


Many of our clients suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and related ailments resulting from abuse, and in some cases torture. Domestic violence clients need counseling, possibly psychiatric evaluations. Asylum applicants require psychiatric evaluations and medical exams to document evidence of torture.

Any professional interested in accepting a case or providing mental health or medical assistance should contact Carolina De Los Rios at


Clients need immigration attorneys to represent them in applications for asylum seekers. Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking require family law attorneys* to help with civil protection order, divorce, custody and child support cases.

All pro bono attorneys must carry their own malpractice insurance.

For more information, contact Susannah Volpe if you practice in Maryland or DC at or Victoria Lopez if you practice in Virginia at